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  • Jack Bucchi

Beating the Competition

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

You may wonder what sets our humble little diner apart from all the larger chains and other diners in Tualatin. We pride ourselves on our cheap prices, better than any other local diner, but admittedly slightly higher than fast food chains. When you account for quality and portion size, however, you will quickly find that our food is more efficient for both your tastebuds and your wallet. Why go to a place like Shari's or Elmer's where you get "by-the-books" food for the same price, slower service, and longer wait times? At the 60's Cafe, we always seat customers immediately and will have your food out in less that 10 minutes, 5 minutes on a slow day. So even someone who is in a rush on their lunch break can pop in for a meal and likely even beat the line at McDonald's!

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