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  • Jack Bucchi

Try Our Chicken Fried Steak

Every diner that serves breakfast cannot do without the iconic staple that is Chicken Fried Steak. We knew that, due to the fact that it was such a nationally renowned breakfast item, it would be heavily scrutinized by customers for its quality and flavor, especially from those whose only recollections of it are from their Grandma's kitchen. This was bound to be a major hit which called for nothing less than a unique but recognizable flavor that customers from all walks of life could not only enjoy, but associate with a simpler time, a common goal of the 60's Cafe as a whole. The steak we have is freshly sourced and purposefully a very lean steak as to offer a perfect texture as well as accentuate the flavor offered by both the seasoning and the frying process. Please, give it a try and don't hesitate to leave a review, after all, this is a family diner and we are always willing to change and perfect our recipes to meet the customers needs, a value that makes the 60's Cafe so unique.

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